Maintenance Dues are $120 per lot per year - that is, $10 per month. Our Fiscal Year is September 1 to August 31. Invoices are mailed out on September 1 with a 30-day due notice.

Special Assessment Dues for each year are $95 per improved lot per year, $65 for unimproved lot. Invoices are mailed out every year on February 1 and due on February 28. The Special Assessment is for the roads and is voted on every year at the Annual Meeting which is held on the third Saturday of October at 10:00 AM. This assessment could change depending on our road improvement target.

Call or e-mail Debbie Tanner at or call (936) 646-2598 (home) (281) 844-2371 (cell) for verification of a lot being sold, and has a balance on either of these dues.   Note: 6% per annum interest is added to late fees (for example, if you see a number that doesn't match rounding the $120 and $65 or $95 as noted above).

Twin Harbors POA has a $25.00 Statement of Account administrative fee.

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